Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Amazing agates ~

Look at these lovely ones!  The orange one on the outside is carnelian, a particularly lovely one with a high degree of translucence.  Then we have a necklace of mixed agates: the orange ones are carnelians, and of the dark green ones six are moss agate, and two are bloodstone. A third bloodstone bead is almost entirely red, and can be seen in the second row from the middle at about five o'clock.

This necklace is dramatic, and heavy as it's fairly long.  There is one disadvantage to it, and that is that the holes which have been drilled through a few of the stones have been drilled first from one end to about the middle, and then from the other.  Not all of the drill holes line up properly, which means that there is an edge in the middle of these stones which wears away at whatever the beads are mounted on, and even wire doesn't last all that long!  A cascade of loose beads is not what you want, and yes, it has happened to me!  It is beautiful though.

This donut-shaped piece is a good example of the variety of colour and patterning common in agates.

Here we have a particularly pleasing set of moss agates.  The lozenge-shaped beads show off the veins well. 

Many of the beads have a high degree of translucence in the parts of them that are not 'mossy'.

This slab of stone is red moss agate;

The blue lace agates below almost glow.  It is a long string and the beads are very well matched.  I spotted the little bracelet when I was standing in a post office queue.  It is an almost perfect match with the necklace and only cost a trifle.  Things turn up in all kinds of unexpected places if we have our eyes open and our wits about us!

Here you can see the banding which is characteristic of many agates:

And a more detailed view:

This small blue lace agate pebble shows the banding and slight translucence typical of many in the agate family:

The darker beads below are further examples of the range of colour and visual texture in the agate family.  Looking closely a degree of transparency is visible:

Agates are full of colourful variation and can be a wonderful gem to wear.

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