Saturday, 11 June 2011

Aventurine ~

Aventurine is relatively common - if you're looking for the pale variety.  The darker one is much harder to come by.  In the photograph below you can see the two varieties, with the darker one encircling the other:

The darker appearance is due to the higher concentration of tiny specks of green which you can see in the enlargement below.  The spacer beads are sandalwood.

The necklace below was sold to me as aventurine, but I've never been quite convinced that it is, as it has a bluish cast which is unusual.  And it 'feels' quite different to any other aventurine I've come across.  My doubt about what type of stone it is doesn't bother me as I like it anyway, but I am curious about it!

It does seem to have the speckles in it which are typical of aventurine!  Could it be chrysoprase?  Probably not as particles in that gem are invisible even under 'normal magnification'! (Refer Wikipedia article as linked.)

This wonderful globe is dark aventurine.  The dark speckles in it give it a very slightly flecked appearance.  I'm displaying it here at a magnified size so that detail is more visible.

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