Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Azurite ~

Azurite is a beautiful deep blue, it's English name being taken from the term 'azure'.  Like malachite and lapiz lazuli it has a history of usage as an artists pigment.  In mineral terms it is closely linked to malachite and the two often appear together as in the pieces shown below. 

This lovely little disk is one of the first gemstone pieces I bought, my eye attracted by it's unusual colouration.  I imagine that the surface has been lacquered to prevent the surface deteriorating as both minerals are relatively soft.

4 cm across

Below is the only azurite-malachite necklace I've ever come across.  The startling combination of the two colours can't be seen easily as the beads are rather small.  The beads at the edge of the photograph are turquoise.

An enlargement:

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