Thursday, 1 December 2011

Gems and crystals ~ supposed magical and 'healing' properties

A quick search of the web for anything about gems and crystals immediately brings forth a torrent of items about their supposed healing qualities.  You will  not find anything of that sort on this site.  

At one time I was closely involved in this aspect of gems, and now see it as vastly over-stated and misleading.  I am 'sensitive' to what I perceive as the energy and atmosphere of certain stones, but I no longer attribute healing qualities to them.

Home baking is yummy!
In my view anyone seeking such help is likely to get better value from a well made cup of tea and a slice of good fresh cake (or biscuit!) shared with someone who will listen to them intelligently.

What you will find here is a celebration of their beauty, and in addition a scattering of tips about what an enthusiast might look for and be aware of when browsing the shops or wandering along beaches.  In my view gems should be valued for themselves and not as a tool to serve us in any way.  

Links from this site are to neutral sites - mostly Wikipedia - which give insight into scientific and historical aspects.

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