Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Malachite ~

Malachite, like lapis lazuli, has a history of use as an artists pigment.  It also has been widely used for decoration and ornaments.

The beads in the larger of the two necklaces are irregular in shape which may indicate they have been turned by hand - which doesn't bear thinking about!  The smaller beads are regular in shape and so will have been machine cut.  

All the beads have their own distinctive bands and patterns as you can see below.  In the large necklace little glass beads which have been used to space the malachite.  This spacing helps  us see the individual beads better and also makes them hang nicely.  A knotted cord would have achieved a similar effect.  The smaller beads look fine as they are.

Here is an uncut and unpolished malachite specimen:

Malachite often occurs with azurite, which I have written about separately - refer lnk.

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