Monday, 23 May 2011

Emerald ~

Emerald, like Aquamarine, is a form of beryl.  The colour in these photographs isn't quite accurate as it should be a little less bluish, but it's reasonably close. 

There is an ironic story about these: I paid an unreasonably high price for the two shown at the top as they were the only ones of their kind that I'd seen anywhere; whereas I got the chip one shown below very cheaply from a stand in a liquor outlet!  

People I knew at the time who were sensitive to the 'feel' of gems passed over the expensive ones with barely a glance and pounced on the other.  I agreed then and I do still: this one feels far more vigorous than the others.  

One night I forgot to take it off and in the morning awoke to find I had what looked like a dirty line where it had been against my skin! Clearly it had been dyed, and not very well!  

I've been very particular about the gems I've bought always making as sure as I can that they are their natural colour and haven't been subjected to radiation and dyes, so this really made me raise my eyebrows!  What could this stone be?  Was it really emerald?  I like to think it is but really it doesn't matter.

The point I want to make here is that costly items aren't necessarily the best value.  And just as with clothes and make-up, the suitability of any gem varies from person to person.  The small, mostly transparent beads are attractive in their way, but I think they'll suit someone else better than me.

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