Saturday, 3 December 2011

Gemstone gallery ~ taking it to the next level

Dear readers,
Most of the material I intend to place in this chronicle is now displayed.  I've been very busy placing entries into more cohesive sequences which I have described in the article above, so most of the basic content and structure has now been established.

What I'll be doing next is fleshing out individual entries to include a little more about their geological contexts where I'm able to find this out.  I've already learnt a great deal more about geology!  I will also continue to add to and refine the list of geological and technical terms that I've placed on their own page. 

If entries seem to have disappeared since you last looked search for them in the label index at the lower right of the screen and click on these links - they will take you straight to whatever it is you're looking for.

I've included the image of the little brooch as something for you to look for in an article yet to be published - about costume jewellery.

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