Saturday, 1 October 2011

Goodletite ~

Goodletite is a rare gem-rock which includes ruby, sapphire and tourmaline packed in together in green fuchsite.  It is found only in the South Island of New Zealand. 

This tiny specimen, which is about the size of a dice, shows the flecks of green and pink that one would expect of these gems.  It is commonly used in jewellery such as pendants and rings which show these gems to advantage.

A very full evaluation of this rock can be found on the Gemrocks site which gives insight into the scholarly evaluation of rocks, minerals and gems, and is well worth browsing.  To find the section about Goodletite look at the left hand side of the page where there is an index of rocks and minerals and scroll down the list.

Note: this rock is commonly known by a trade name which I am not giving here.  The Earth does not produce trade names.  I also object to 'exclusive rights' to the mining and sale of such specimens.

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