Saturday, 26 November 2011

Moonstone ~

Moonstone is also known as hecatolite.  Its most common form is adularia.  Like labradorite and spectrolite it is a form of feldspar, a mineral that forms from volcanic magma.  It can be many colours and is characterised by the way it reflects light internally.

The gem at the left, which is greatly magnified, is nearly colourless.
The pendant has three lovely soft colours within it: blue, yellow and pink.  The small stone above it is an amethyst.

The beads of the necklace below are more creamy and opaque.

The pinkish brown heart pendant was sold to me as peach moonstone.  It is completely opaque so I'm not sure that this is correct.  

Moonstone, like other gems, includes a wide range of colouration and appearance within its class.  


Yen C.W. said...

The pendant in the second photo is most probably an opalite (man-made)

Leigh Christina Russell said...

Hello Yen C.W., thank you for your comment. The identification of these things is a fascintating subject.

Leigh Christina Russell said...

... I have looked up two references on the web and agree with you. I'll go back and revise text which relates to that image later.
Thanks for adding to my knowledge!