Saturday, 20 August 2011

Paua ~ also known as abalone

Paua is the New Zealand name for abalone.  This necklace shows imaginative use of a part of the shell which would otherwise be wasted.  The distinctive three-sided pieces show the polished shell well, the many angles catching the light as the wearer moves. 

This donut-shaped pendant is made of shell pieces. 

An unlikely pair of salt and pepper shakers - very cleverly matched and put together:


Cherith said...

I bought a pair of salt and pepper pots in exactly the same style in a 'junk' shop today, trying to find out a bit about them. Where does the photo originate from?

Leigh Christina Russell said...

Hi Cherith, Thanks for your query. The most I can tell you about mine is that I am sure they are New Zealand made and that my mother gave them to me. I adore paua and have them on permanent display. I've never used them for salt and pepper. I took the photo some years ago. Aren't we the lucky ones!