Thursday, 28 July 2011

Quartz pebbles ~

The term quartz is most often associated with pointy wedge-tipped crystal formations, but it can take an infinite variety of forms.  Tumbled specimens can be very pleasing to look at and hold.  

The beads shown here have been smoothed by being machine 'tumbled' rather than being cut to shape.  The surfaces haven't been worn quite smooth and are certainly not even, which gives them a special way of catching and refracting light, and to my mind makes them far more interesting to look at.  The way they do this always reminds me of mountain streams - very cold and clear as it bubbles along:

These pebbles are larger, about the size to sit easily in the palm of the hand:

The exteriors looks as if they are coated with fine icing sugar, whereas the side where they have been sliced through and polished shows them to be quite clear and transparent on the inside.  For me they are like still quiet pools to look into, quite different to the twinkly shimmer that can be observed in quartz crystals. 

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