Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rose quartz ~

Rose quartz is the pink variety of quartz.  

Like other gems and minerals quartz can easily be dyed and often is, so I tend to trust the colour of the paler specimens more than the darker ones: the darker colouring seems to be considered more desirable so it seems more likely to me that the pale ones are their own natural colour. 

A lot of people aren't concerned with that aspect of gems, being more interested in visual effect - it just depends what you prefer.  

For the most part I prefer specimens that are just as they have been produced by nature, certainly with regard to colour.  

Cutting and polishing, on the other hand, often allows us to see a great more detail and depth than would otherwise be possible.

This small piece is a lovely delicate pink:

And this larger chunk a little darker:

This machine-finished specimen looks almost certain to have been dyed:

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