Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Smoky quartz ~

Smoky quartz has long been a favourite of mine.  This lovely group comes from the Himalayas and as far as I know is just as nature made it:

The two dramatic pieces pictured below come from Africa - quite a different part of the world!  They are both substantial in size, and are very different in character from each other: they look to me like a Mr and Mrs. 

Below I've included two more images of the same pieces which show greater detail: 
The dark is one very focused and direct.  If you look closely into its tip you can see the 'phantom' shape inside it - that's the 'V'...

The interior of the more feminine-seeming one looks as if it's full of foam and gentle light:

These, like the group at the top, are natural formations.  The chips on them are regrettable but I was told would have been deliberately made with hammer blows from the miners who extracted them - to let out the bad spirits!

Areas of smoky quartz can occur within clear quartz as with this piece:

As with numbers of other pieces this one reveals more of its character when turned in the light:

Quartz can contain any number of inclusions.  The piece of smoky quartz below contains striking inclusions of rutile which look like golden needles.  I'll write about rutilation separately.

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